Ways to Get a Better Butt


If you want a better butt, don’t think you are stuck with getting surgery. This is an option that some people choose, but it’s certainly not the only one. There are a lot of exercises you can do that will actually result in a better butt that is still all yours! The exercises you do will burn calories as well, which means you might lose a bit of weight on top of having a nice rear end. Some effective exercises you should try out include:

Hip Lift

In order to do this exercise, start off by lying on your back on the ground. Your arms should be at your sides and your knees should be bent with your feet on the floor. From here, lift your hips to the ceiling and hold for a couple of seconds. Repeat this for one minute on each side.

Leg Front Raises

Stand up with your feet at the width of your hips. Then, hold a dumbbell in each of your hands. Bend your left leg and raise it a few inches off of the ground while keeping your arms straight. Next, raise your right arm over your head and hold for a few seconds. Continue to do this with both legs and arms until you finish the number of reps you’re comfortable with.Better Butt


Squats are classic exercises that anyone can benefit from. While you are doing these you just need to make sure your back is straight and not bending over. If it is, you could end up getting hurt from too much strain. The knees should be bended so that they are 90 degree angles as well. If you stand up against a wall it’s easier to do these and stay straight without hunching over.


Running is an activity that can actually get your entire body toned up, including your butt. If you aren’t an avid runner it’s best to start off with a steady jog. This will allow you to run for longer without being really tired at the end. Start off with doing ten or twenty minutes per day and gradually add more time on. Within a month or so you should be able to run miles without having to stop and catch your breath.


To do a lunge you will step forward with your right leg while keeping your left forward in the back. Then, bend down so that your right leg is at a 90 degree angle. Lower yourself so that you are not hunched over, but your leg is still getting a good stretch. After a few seconds you will stand up and move back to your original position. Then you can lunge with the opposite leg and continue until you have done several reps on each.

All of these exercises can give you a great rear end if you do them on a daily basis. Even walking can help tone your butt if you do it regularly. The key to seeing results is to be persistent with your workouts and to try your hardest.