The Truth About Six Pack Abs Overview


The Truth about Six Pack Abs, written by Mike Geary, a Nutritional Expert and Certified Personal Trainer, amazingly reveals the secrets of combined nutrition and work out to let you achieve that ultimate body built.

The Truth about Six Pack Abs tackles weight loss based on the nutritional guidance matched with the right form of exercise. It helps you achieve your weight loss goal by providing information to boost the metabolism process through nutritional habits. This is in contrast to other weight loss programs, which delve into taking pills just to lose weight. Although the workout is intended for the abdominal region it also makes use of other body parts to be able to obtain results. This program is perfect for men and women as well as athletes of different levels.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs

The Truth about Six Pack Abs focuses on transforming your body through nutrition and compound movements. These movements are designed to stimulate different body parts without doing hundreds of crunches per day or taking hours of cardio sessions just to burn your fats. It also discusses other forms of exercise that other companies claimed to work, but in reality they don’t. What this program does is to properly adjust your workout routines depending on how your body would reach its full potential. Geary has presented whole body movements and not just simple stomach exercises. However, you may be surprised that the program still allows you to create your own routine out of the certain exercises specified for your built and lets you enjoy every moment of your work out.

In the e-Book, Geary pointed out the importance of nutrition and defines what food you should eat. It also identifies certain foods that may actually cause your abdominal region to gain weight. This contains information on protein and other foods that help your body accelerate fat burn along with the 84 meal plans listed that are optimized for a balanced diet. What you thought about low-carb and low-fat diets may actually disappoint you, as these actually can ruin your efforts to lose fat. This program is geared to change your food intake and your eating habits.Six Pack Abs

The Pros

As a Certified Nutritional Expert, Mike Geary has devoted his knowledge and 10 years of expertise to this book of over 100 pages. The Truth about Six Pack Abs lists about 30 stomach exercises in full colored pictures and detailed step by step processes of doing it. This is one great way for beginners to understand the basics to doing these exercises properly.

Ever wonder why so many people failed to achieve six pack abs even with heavy training routines? This e-book tells you the misconceptions about losing that fat in your belly. Geary pointed out that getting that six pack abs is not easy and that it cannot be attained overnight. Instead, one has to lay out a plan and obtain realistic information to attaining this goal.

Generally, the book is well written as Geary uses an approach that can be understood by users whether you are new or at expert level. He presented each point as scientific information that is based experience and not as a marketing style to sell some kind of miracle equipment.

The Cons

Although the program definitely works, every user must understand that it is not a magic pill and will not work without any effort. Some exercises included on the e-book may require specific equipment that may only be available on the gym.

The book cover though doesn’t look like a high-end professional book with a front design of a man and a woman’s abs. You can finish reading the book in few hours, although it make actually take some time before you get to absorb all the valuable information it contain. And you might be frustrated that when you finally get a grasp of everything, you’d realize that what you have been doing is actually wrong based on the Truth About Six Pack Abs. Though the book can definitely motivate you to go to the gym and start working correctly on that flat tummy.

What The Users Are Saying About “The Truth About Six Pack Abs”

Laura Kawasmi of Brownsville, Texas testifies that it was one of the most intense work out she had in years. The book served as her personal trainer and that she did not waste her time jogging and doing other stomach exercises which never had helped her.

Because of The Truth About Six Pack Abs, Imtiaz Girach of the United Kingdom has lost 7 inches in just 11 weeks. He was happy with the result and that one of which made him decide to try the product is the money back guaranteed it offers.

Another satisfied user is Andreas Beirholm of Denmark, who confirmed that he can already see lines on the side of his stomach as his abs became more visible after few weeks of doing the work outs prescribed by the e-book.

The Bottom Line And That’s It

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is absolutely one of your best weight loss program. The program offers great solutions to people who want changes with their nutrition and body shape. This is what we call health and beauty at the same time. Just see for yourself and then you can decide.