No Nonsense Muscle Building


The Right Way To Shape Up Those Muscles

Like most people, I have been struggling with my weight for a long time. I have tried many weight loss supplements, programs, and products. To my disappointment, none of them worked. As most people probably know by now, there are many weight loss techniques that have come out of nowhere. Most of these programs don’t work. This is either due to the incompatibility of the program to my metabolism or the program just plainly does not work. Here are some No Nonsense Muscle Building techniques that I have learned for the past couple of years. While most are applicable to professional muscle builders, some are effective for beginner’s bodybuilding as well.

What Not to Do If You Want to Build Muscles

For starters, muscle grow through supplements don’t work. This may seem a hasty generalization but trust me when I say supplements only make a five percent difference in muscle building. This is assuming your diet and training plan work as well.

Another myth is that you have to shock your muscles to gain one. This is another myth that most people practice. Feeling the burn and splitting your body parts are ways to torture yourself only to have minimal results.Muscle Building

People like me who have been struggling with weight tend to listen and imitate instructions of champion bodybuilders. Not only is this a costly practice, it doesn’t work as well. Champion bodybuilders have been doing their own methods of exercise for years and a starter following the exact same method is just not logical. There are different stages in a bodybuilding program and beginners should start from the basic step. This is not usually mentioned in advertisements since this will discourage beginners from purchasing professional bodybuilding DVDs and the like.

I used to read bodybuilding magazines until I realize how much each magazine looks like a massive supplement catalog. I realized that these magazines are owned and operated by a supplement company. So if you want to learn the truth about how effective a supplement is, do not read magazines. You will not find honest answers.

What is No NonSense Muscle Building?

No Nonsense Muscle Building program is for people who are serious about muscle building. And I mean serious. Vince Delmonte, the creator of this ebook and a successful fitness model competitor, doesn’t have a lot of patience for excuses. While he recognizes the fact that there are certain factors like genetic and metabolism that are out of your control, he makes sure that from the very beginning of the program you understand that mental factors such as laziness and ignorance are bigger hindrance from having a great physique.

He motivates you to quit being negative about muscle growth. Instead, he shares his muscle gaining secrets and one of them is the fact that you can gain muscle mass once you understand how to train and go through the proper procedures for muscle development. Certain things such as flexibility training, endurance training, and muscular balance are emphasized in this program. These important things are ignored in other programs. Vince also presents the core secret to gaining muscles.

Principles of the Program

Once you have rid yourself of negative thoughts about weight loss, Vince presents the nine growth principles that this whole workout method is based on. If you think about it, these methods are what most muscle building trainers adhere to. However, misinterpretation, lack on the knowledge on the principles of training gives negative results. What I like best about this ebook is that Vince explains these principles clearly that there’s no room for misinterpretation. These principles are very helpful for your workouts if you want big gains.

One of the principles is basically about the importance of rest and recovery. The failure to give the body some rest is one of the reasons why most training in muscle growth gives minimal results. An entire chapter is devoted to recovery and the best techniques designed to accelerate it.

There is also a chapter focusing on hormones and its influence in muscle growth. The dieting and training recommendations are created to give your muscle building hormones a boost. What you should understand about this program is the fact that this is periodization. This is not simply going to the gym. Periodization means changing the reps and sets in order to prevent adaptation. Each phase is created so you can improve to the next.

Another point that I appreciate about my weight loss journey under this program is the fact that I never starved myself. This program encourages healthy diet. In fact, from the very beginning Vince is telling you to eat properly if you want to gain muscles. Eating the right foods at the right time is crucial for energy balance. The power of eating is very important in this program.

Final Thoughts And Advice

The No Nonsense Muscle Building program may seem a bit complicated but it is easy as you go along. Each program is individualized as well so you can make sure that the program is right for your body type and level. Only proceed on to the next step of how to attain the program if you are ready to blaze those fat off and start looking real.