Mobile fitness tracking for a healthier you


Working out is a very important part of life, but for people who are busy with work, school, children, and more, it can be very difficult to find time to get to the gym or fit in a workout. What many people don’t realize is how many calories you can burn simply walking or completing your normal daily activities. Without a way to track this, it’s hard to guess how much exercise you’ve really done throughout the day.portable fitness tracker

Portable fitness tracker

The markers of the portable fitness tracker Striiv have announced a new iOS fitness app. This app doesn’t require any additional hardware and has a new smart pedometer, Striiv Play. This pedometer is small enough to tuck into your bra, keeping you from having to carry your smart phone everywhere you go just for workout purposes. Whether you’re simply walking in the grocery store or actually working out at the gym, the pedometer tracks your stats hat you can sync via Bluetooth for analysis, share with your Facebook friends, and more.

Don’t guess anymore about how much you’ve worked out during the day – use this device to get the information easily.