Fitness and Working Out With Your Dog


Unlike many humans, dogs love exercise.

They would prefer to run and play ball outside than to sit on the couch. This is where man’s best friend and man part ways. Humans are relatively sedentary creatures by nature, at least in today’s society. Technology has allowed us many luxuries. We no longer have to work long hours doing backbreaking labor to have food on the table. The rise of the television and the office has led to a reduction in the amount of energy needed to secure food and shelter. As a result, we have become a society of couch potatoes.Fitness With Your Dog

This is not the case for dogs and we would do ourselves good to take their example to heart. Dogs love to accompany their humans on their fitness endeavors. Just like humans, dogs have different interests in terms of the activities that they like. Some dogs like to run, some like to walk, and some like to swim. The key is to find out what your dog likes to do and to do it with them.

As a dog owner, you have to do some research to find out what types of activities your dog is able to do. For instance, dogs with shortened faces such as pugs, shih tzu and pekes cannot go for an intense workout. They have trouble breathing and can die from lack of oxygen. If you are a runner, a husky will challenge your abilities to the max. A retriever would love to go for a hike followed by a dip in a nearby lake. Labs, well, they will do anything that you want to do. Instead of coming home and letting your dog out in the backyard after work, grab the leash and go out together. This will not only be healthier for the two of you, it will increase the bond between you too.