Exercises to get Toned Triceps


The following are a number of popular exercises to get toned triceps, but as with any exercise where you are looking to build muscle you are required to do them on a regular basis in order to actually get the benefit. Do remember that this is not going to happen overnight, but if you build them into your normal routine, then you should end up more than happy with the eventual end result.

Popular exercises to get toned triceps

The first exercise you should think about doing is called the kickback and it really is a classic exercise for working those triceps. The basic idea is that you have a dumbbell in each hand and just lean your torso forward a bit, but do make sure that your spine remains straight. Bend your elbows behind you and keep them as high as possible and then straighten your arm backwards holding the dumbbell and repeat in order to work the muscles. You should then change to the other arm and do an equal number to ensure both arms are worked on the same amount.exercise triceps

The second one involves you lying on your back and doing a series of presses with you once again using dumbbells. Keep your hands by your ears and have your elbows pointing upwards and as you inhale lift your arms in order to straighten them. You should then lower them back to the starting position as you exhale and then repeat accordingly with the main thing being that your elbows remain higher than your shoulders.

An exercise that does not involve dumbbells is the tricep dip and this can be done with a chair or a bench if you have one at home. Place your hands so they are a shoulders width apart and then move your booty off the seat so it is in front, but keeping your arms straight. You should then dip so your arms bend and then slowly raise yourself again back to the starting position. Look to do this at least ten times in order to get the benefit, but do not be afraid to start with less if you find you are struggling.

If you want a variation on the dip, then there is an exercise that does not require a chair, but instead is done on the floor. Get on your back and lift yourself up with your hands and you can then either lower yourself or alternatively try it with one arm only, but do remember to repeat the exercise with the other arm, or with only one leg on the floor.

Finally, you may want to consider buying a resistance belt and put your dumbbells inside it and have the belt over your feet. You will then want to bend your torso, but once again keep your spine straight, and just let your arms hang before bending them back up. The combination of the weight and the resistance will really work those triceps and as with before repeat the exercise.

Those are popular exercises to get toned triceps and apart from being very easy to do there is also no need to go to the gym either. Look at working on them every single day with several repetitions to then end up with fantastic looking arms with the toned triceps you have been wanting for so long.