Exercises for Firm Hamstrings


You wants to have a completely toned body should also exercise their hamstrings whenever they work out. Hamstrings are usually found at the back portion of your upper leg and are comprised of the leg biceps and the muscles of your rear. Toning these muscles will give you that sculpted lower body that will work perfectly with your well muscled upper body parts.

Fortunately, addressing this problem with your hamstrings is easy. There are a few exercise moves that you can try out when you have the time to achieve that sculpted legs. Here are some to add to your exercise routine.

Exercise routine

  • Warming Up

Before you do any serious exercise you need to warm up first. If you have a treadmill at home or one in the gym, use it. You can walk or jog for five to ten minutes. This is necessary if you don’t want to injure yourself while sculpting your hamstrings.Exercises for Firm Hamstrings

  • Basic Exercise

This is referred to as the glute kickback where you will kneel down on a mat on all fours before extending your left leg straight out behind you at a 45° angle. Keep in mind that the sole of the foot you have raised should face the ceiling. Stay in this position for a while before lowering it down. Do not use momentum to raise your leg but instead use controlled movement. Repeat this step 12 times.

  • Bent Lateral Abduction

The starting position is the same as the glute kickback but this time you will be extending your leg on the side while still retaining that 45° angle. Squeeze your glutes while at the peak of the movement before pausing and returning to your first position. Again, do the step with the other leg. Repeat the whole set 12 times.

  • Extended Leg Exercise

Go back to the starting position. Extend your leg until your toes touching the mat lightly. Slowly lift your leg up then extend it to the side. Hold this for a few seconds before going back to the horizontal position. Lower your leg towards the mat. Repeat the steps with the other leg. You should repeat the set 12 times.

After you finish the hamstring exercises make sure that you cool down. This is also important to help prevent your muscles from cramping up and causing you pain. You should stretch your muscles gently after the workout to relieve them of any tension caused by the hamstring exercises.