Fat Burning Furnace


Fat Burning Furnace Overview

Because many people are constantly looking for effective ways in losing weight fast and for fitness programs that will give them perfectly-looking body, many professionals and experts have designed programs that will address the concern on weight loss and excess body fats. One of these programs is Fat Burning Furnace.

What Does The Program Offer You

Created by Rob Poulos, Fat Burning Furnace is a downloadable, 158-page fitness guide on how you can successfully lose fat and gain muscles, as well as lose weight. The guide covers two main aspects of staying in shape: exercise and nutrition.

Most people believe that extremely long workouts and cardio exercises will speed up the process of losing weight. This guide tells you differently, and will change the way you see exercise.

The guide tells you that you don’t have to tire yourself too much from extreme workouts. Instead, do some fat burning exercises, which only involve weights performed for 20 minutes per day, three times a week. Doing weights will increase your resting metabolic rates, allowing you to burn fat even if you’re not working out.program weight loss

The guide also has warm up programs for beginners and for those who haven’t exercised in years; notwithstanding the intermediate and advanced workout plans for those who have already started the program and who want to advance to the next higher level.

And of course, diet and nutrition will always be an important aspect of many fitness programs. Eating the right kind of food at the proper amount has always been emphasized in many weight loss programs. However, what probably makes this guide unique is that it doesn’t believe in fad diets. Instead, it gives you eating tips that will help you maximize fat loss. You can even make use of the guide’s sample meal plan.

The guide also discusses common perceptions and misconceptions about diet and nutrition.

The Variety Of Options Given And Differences

This program is available in three packages: deluxe, ultimate, and an ultimate version that comes with a BlowTorch video upgrade. With the deluxe version, you are provided email coaching via an email newsletter for three months, along with the 158 pages of digital manual. Meanwhile, the ultimate version comes with a manual plus a Metabolic Rate Calculator and BodyFat Analyzer; both of which are accessible online. You also have a printable progress tracker for the workouts that you have done. And with this ultimate version, you have the chance to avail the BlowTorch video upgrade, where you will see the author doing the workouts himself, providing you a clearer picture of how to properly do the fat burning exercises.

How Users See This Fat Burning Program

Since its introduction to the market, Fat Burning Furnace has received both positive and negative feedback from many users. Some claimed that the program is a scam, and that it doesn’t compensate the amount that was paid. Some say that all they got was disappointment and misery by following the techniques, and that the program wasn’t as effective as they first thought it to be.

But all these negative testimonials and feedback were nothing because the number of users who have expressed their appreciation and approval on the program is more than that of the unsatisfied users. Many were satisfied with the results, and have even recommended it to other people. The success of this program is very much evident in its continuously increasing number of users and followers.

How Helpful Is The Program

This well-written and detailed guide makes weight loss and body fat loss all easier. The program starts off by letting you know the importance of doing exercises, specifically fat burning exercises, and the proper way of doing such exercises.

As what has been mentioned, you don’t need extremely tiring workouts, such as treadmill and cardiovascular exercises. The guide features better and shorter cardio workouts that won’t give you too much exhaustion.

It also has a program that lasts around 25 minutes that won’t require you to do warm ups. And if you ever get stuck at some point, you have access to the author or you can ask assistance from an online customer support.

The Cost That Comes From Using the Program

There are also downsides to using this guide. Since the fat burning exercises are mostly weight workouts, you first need to buy your own weights before you can start the program or sign up for a membership in your local fitness gym to get access to the weights. This is what you need to go through unless you make use of the bodyweight exercises that the program offers.

And unless you decide to upgrade to BlowTorch video, all you can see are pictures and explanations of exercises that you need to do, which won’t really be helpful especially for beginners.

Why Purchase This Proven Weight Loss Program

Despite the program’s drawbacks and negative testimonials, Fat Burning Furnace is still worth a try. Many have proven how effective it has been in losing weight fast and in getting rid of excess body fats. This manual has everything you need in a weight loss and body fat loss program. For almost $40, the guide will be delivered to you electronically, with no extra credit card charges.